Friday, November 7, 2014

Jumps Start To Healthy Holidays Day 5

Jump Start To Healthy Holidays Day 5

I can't believe we have made it to Day 5 of our challenge. How have things gone? Did you do your daily workouts from Deb Averett Fitness? Have you used any of my meal ideas? If so which ones have you liked the best?

First Meal
Green Eggs and Goat Cheese
2 egg white and 1 egg yoke
1-2 tbs powdered greens
Salt and pepper to taste 
Goat cheese crumbles

Add eggs, powdered greens, salt and pepper and blend un blender until smooth and combined. Cook eggs scrambled, when cooked crumble goat cheese on top before eating.

Second Meal
Caprese Salad

Third Meal
Meatless Tacos

Sweet Snack Idea
Lara Bar Bites

If you are having a hard time with water try THESE different flavored water ideas.

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